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General Data Protection Regulation

Privacy Notice



The intention of this privacy notice is to inform you how we will collect, retain, share and destroy personal information. It applies to information gathered from customers who use or enquire about our services as well as current and former employees, including subcontractors. Here at AJS Plumbing & Heating we are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected every step of the way; in this notice you will also find who we share your personal information with, how we use your personal information and your rights with regards to the collection, retention and sharing of your personal data. 

Information we hold:

  • Customers – name, address (including postcode), contact telephone numbers

                     Previous jobs completed/invoices sent/quotes sent/plans given to quote work

                     Payments received/money owed for work completed

                     Account number (allocated on the date you became a customer)

                     Technical information such as stopcock location

                    Any certificates issued such as landlord safety certificates and work notifications


  • Employees/subcontractors – Name, date of birth, address, National Insurance number,    

                     telephone numbers

        Next of kin contact details

        Bank details

        Start date with AJS Plumbing & Heating Solutions Limited

                     Holiday entitlements and sickness information

                     Certificates/training completed, including enrolment details for college/courses

                     Appraisal information

                    Timesheets, PAYE information such as payslips, tax codes, P60’s, payroll


                    Pension information and contributions

                    Details of criminal convictions that may affect the company such as SP30s

                    Driving details for van insurance

                    Professional registration details for example OFTEC or Gassafe

                    Email address

                    CIS contributions including UTR number, company name


Who do we share your personal data with?

  • Customers – your information is shared with our engineers so they are able to carry out the work that you wish to be completed. This may mean your information is shared with one of the subcontractors who frequently works for us. The directors of AJS Plumbing & Heating have access to your personal information and our trusted accountant will also have access to certain information when we submit our end of year accounts. At times we may need to share your personal information such as name, address and contact details with a supplier in order for them to deliver purchases necessary to complete the work. We will endeavour to ensure your permission prior to this.


  • Employees/subcontractors – the information you provide us with will be shared with HMRC to ensure compliance with PAYE as well as the pension provider NEST. We may also need to share certain information with providers of insurance such as business insurance or van insurance suppliers. If you enrol onto courses certain information will also need to be shared with the course providers. Furthermore we share your information with our trusted accountants so they are able to complete the PAYE and affairs associated with the legal requirements of running a company. The directors of AJS Plumbing & Heating Solutions Limited will also have access to information.


What are we going to do with your personal information?

All of our information is sourced direct from our customers or employees. The personal information we store is used to ensure we are able to complete the desired work for you and personalise the service that you receive as well as contact you if required regarding the work being completed. Some of the information is a legal requirement such as work notifications and therefore is stored for as long as is legally required. For employees the information stored is to ensure we are able to contact your NOK if for example something were to happen to you and to ensure compliance with HMRC and NEST pension requirements. In addition we need certain information to ensure we have adequate insurance cover to provide a safe and effective service to our customers. We will not share your information with any third parties unless we are legally required to do so or unless we have your permission to do so.


Keeping or storing your information:

If you are a customer we will keep a copy of your personal details safely and securely via password protected software or via a locked cabinet until either you request it to be removed from our database or for six years after the last completed work carried out. By holding your information for this retention period we are able to comply with professional regulation practice such as OFTEC, ensure our records are up to date and also have the information available if any complaints are received with regards to works completed. We do not transfer or store any of your information outside of the European Economic Area.


You’re Rights:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right to access the personal information held
  • The right to rectification if the data is inaccurate or incomplete
  • The right to erasure of personal data and prevent processing in special circumstances
  • The right to restrict processing (information may be stored by the company but not processed)
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object
  • The right to be subject to automated decision making including profiling

We will not charge you for a copy of the information that we hold but we may ask for proof of identity before we disclose any personal information. Once a request has been made for access to the information we store or collect, we will send you the information within 30 days either electronically or in a hard copy as discussed with the individual requesting access. We will also endeavour to transfer your information if you require to another company if you decide to leave AJS Plumbing & Heating Solutions Limited as a customer if you wish. If you request for your information to be deleted we will complete this by deleting from our software/hardware or by burning or shredding for paper information. If we feel your request for information is excessive or unfounded we may refuse to share the information with you, however you have the right to complain.


Lawful basis

  • Consent – When an individual has given clear consent for us to process their data such as an employee consent form, or consent from a customer to enter the details into our database.
  • Contract
  • Legal obligation – some of the information we process is a legal requirement to do so
  • Vital interests – for example NOK details which are necessary to protect an employee’s life in the event of an emergency
  • Public task
  • Legitimate interest



  • Employees – a consent form will be completed with relevant information with regards to the personal information we require and how we use, store or share your data.
  • Customers – customers will be asked if they are happy to have their information stored on our database for future reference. A copy of the privacy notice will be available on our website or accessible if required if contact made with AJS Plumbing & Heating Solutions Limited.



If you feel that your personal information or data has not been processed fairly or you are not satisfied with how your personal information has been handled firstly contact AJS Plumbing & Heating Solutions Ltd. You may also contact the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) if required.


Data Breaches

We constantly monitor how we store personal information within our company. If any data breaches were detected this would be investigated and reported to the ICO.


If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Adam or Sophie Smith at AJS Plumbing & Heating Solutions Limited to discuss:

Telephone Number 01963400503

Email: office@ajs-plumbingandheating.co.uk

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